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by NEO KeyMakers Japan Official

Online Q&A for Developers


(※It will not cost you)

NEO Keymakers Japan is the community that is not endorsed by NEO. It’s run by community members.

Everyone can participate, ask questions and exchange. Please help us to develop and network.

From the official Slack of NEO’s Japanese developer community Keymakers, you can exchange developers and ask technical questions about NEO. At NEO Smart Economy, we are doing dissemination activities of NEO technology in Japan. We have established a community based on online Q & amp; A as a part of spreading NEO technology and developing the environment for training engineers.

About the developer community NEO KeyMakers Japan

Block chain project NEO aiming to realize Smart Economy has bases in various parts of the world and is managed on a community basis. In China there is NEL (reference: NEO News Today), in the English-speaking countries including the United States, there is a NEO developer community called City Of Zion, active discussion and development are proceeding. However, there is no such community for developers in Japan, and the current situation is that the diffusion of NEO in the country has not advanced much.
Therefore, along with popularization of NEO technology, in order to promote development using NEO platform in Japan, a community called NEO Keymakers Japan was established, holding study group / workshop for developers and holding Japanese work Activities aimed at enhancement are done grassrootsly.